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fiber_fiends_of_doom's Journal
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Sunday, October 28th, 2007
6:09 pm
SAFF 2007
After a fantastic Friday night - Anniversary, They Might Be Giants concert - I got four hours of sleep and got up at OMG in the morning to head out to SAFF with E, H and mir. The trip up went fine. We found the fairgrounds with no trouble and found a parking spot. So. Much. Yarn.Collapse )

It was a hoot! I just wish they would hold SAFF the weekend after Halloween. I hate having to choose between great yarn and great parties...
Friday, September 28th, 2007
8:19 am
Welcome periwinklecalm!

This group has been very quiet. So what is on people's needles or spindles? I'm working on Mimosa from Big Girl Knits. It has been kicking my butt. Now I'm starting the Halloween Mystery Shawl (yahoo group) and that will mean 2 shawls on the needles. Ack, what was I thinking...
Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
3:51 pm
FO Inky
Meet Inky the scarfCollapse )

meiow gave me this kit for Christmas. The beads are absolutely fantastic! They are a bright, shiny deep red and appeal to the raven in me. The yarn is called Tiny Toes and is a sock yarn. The yarn is less than stellar. It was not color fast and stained my hands like I had been reading a newspaper. So I named the scarf Inky. The scarf is worked from each end and meets in the middle. The instructions say to use three needle bind off to join the two pieces. Three needle bind off leaves a ridge. If the ridge falls on the back of your neck would drive you nuts if it rubbed against your skin. If the ridge is not in the center of the scarf, it would drive me nuts because it is not symmetrical. So I frogged the three needle bind off bit. Then I had trouble putting the stitches back on the needles because it is a very dark black. meiow came to my rescue and put the stitches back on the needles. E further came to my rescue by kitchener stitching the ends together. Once the piece was complete, I tossed it in very hot water with vinegar to set the dye. After blocking and drying it is beautiful.
Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
9:40 pm
Painting the Handspun Silk Yarn
The painted yarn for E turned out fabulous! Colors: medium purple, dark raven and dark kiwi Country Classic dyes. The silk soaked over night in filtered water. I painted the yarn carefully making sure to keep the purple and kiwi from touching by bordering with raven. The yarn took up most all of the dye, not much rinsed out. After drying, the yarn appeared shiny. E loved it!

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
5:42 pm
meiow, heatherivy and I (Fiber Fiends of Doom) went up to SAFF or as H called it Yarn Con, over the weekend. The trip up to Asheville was terrible. It would just bucket down rain, then stop, then bucket down again. As driving ability is water soluble, we passed quite a few accidents. We stopped in WS for wonderful BBQ of my childhood (TM) and a bit of a break from the rain and road. Our next adventure was finding the hotel. I naively accepted the suggestion from map-quest that the road I was looking for was actually Old Airport Road and not Airport Road. So off we went down the incorrect road. We did get a giggle from (not joking) Borgwarner. You *will* be assimilated into a digital package. Out in front of the collective there was a little tree of woe, looking all season appropriate. Fearing that the spooky music was about to start at any time, we turned around, found a well lit area and called the hotel for correct directions. It was at that point that H and I got into a giggle fit that infected C while trying to get correct directions. We were so helpful. And after a six hour trip We checked into the Hotel, settled into our room with the yarny goodness to come dancing in our heads.Collapse )

Current Mood: artistic
Wednesday, October 4th, 2006
10:46 pm
Thoughts on Learning Drop Spinning
Since class on Monday, I've made five mini-skeins. My total now is six. Besides the mix-mash that was my very first skein *happy dance*, I've spun a dk-ish weight out of the "black" wool before washing, a dk-ish and a worsted-ish out of the "black" wool after washing, and a thick and a thin out of the rough white roving.

I didn't notice any difference in yarn regardless of whether the wool was washed or not. It seems the lanolin just makes a difference in the texture while spinning. I didn't seem to do better either way - my yarn mostly sticks together, is *very* fuzzy (not necessarily in a good way), and is thick, thicker, thin...

Today I spun the rough white roving. Compared to the brown rolags, spinning roving seemed to "catch". I think it has more to do with my improvement in spinning rather than the wool, but I need to spin some rolags to see if I've learned anything or the roving is just easier for me to draft consistently. Instead of forcing the fibers into or out of the draft triangle, I let the spin of the yarn pull the fibers it wanted to grab, then I pulled down on the yarn while holding the roving securely until the "grabbed" amount looked about the right. Doing this was much easier than the ripping/pulling I was doing initially to get the fibers into the correct place in the triangle.

The washed, thin skin is behind the cut
Read more...Collapse )
Sunday, September 24th, 2006
12:04 pm
Finished Objects
I finished off a couple of knitting projects. The Striped Shawl is the Textured Squares Mohair Shawl from Knitted Shawls, Stoles and Scarves by Nancie Wiseman. I chose to use Noro Silk Garden Yarn (45% silk, 45% kid mohair, 10% lambs wool color 234 lot A2 approx 10 skeins) instead of straight mohair. Next I changed the pattern from a "V" poncho shape to a straight wrap. The shawl was worked on size 8 needles. The Purple Beaded Gloves is the Fingerless Garter Mitts from One Skein by Leigh Radford. This is a wonderful book! It has a large variety of projects for knit and crochet. This is the pattern that I had to work four times before success. Lessons learned: mitts for long slender hands do not fit short wide hands and watch what you toss into the washing machine. I used Debbie Bliss merino dk yarn (100% merino wool color 225608 lot 18 and two skeins). The beads were 4x4 Miyuki cubes turquiose with a fucsha core. The mitts were worked on size 1 Addie Turbo needles.
pics withinCollapse )

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Sunday, August 6th, 2006
10:02 am
I had a blast at SnB on thursday. The evening started off with one of those summer thunder storms that I remember being called a "toad strangler." I had just barely made it inside CC when it cut loose. And I thought that would be it, nobody sensible would come out in this to knit. (No, I don't usually count myself among the sensible.) Soon I saw Ms.B walking up shaking her umbrella. She had invited a friend from Knightdale to join us, but didn't know if she would be able to because of the storm. It wasn't to long after that MH walked up, then N - Now we were four, slightly damp not numbered among the sensible knitters.

Ms.B was working on a cute baby sweater using dropped stitches to form a lacy pattern. Dropped stitches just seem to occur for me and it's difficult to imagine doing them on purpose. N had started the cabled scarf pattern that I have had my eye on as my first cabled project. She is doing it black and I was amazed that you could actually see the cables. MH was knitting a tank top out of some wonderful yarn that forms varying sized candy colored stripes. Yum!

Current Mood: awake
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
1:36 pm
Finished Object - Knitting
I finished up the hat with kitty ears from Stitch 'n Bitch. It is grey with pink lining the ears. The matching grey scarf has pink and grey tassels at the ends.

The black/grey yarn is Sensations Angel Hair purchased from Jo-Ann's Fabric store. It is 25% wool, 50% acrylic, 28% nylon and comes in a 3 1/2 ounce, 100 g, 120 yards, 110 meter skein. The Art # is 07366545, color # 242, lot # 885. I used approximately 5 skeins for the hat and scarf.

The hot pink yarn is Santa Ana purchased from Great Yarns store. It is 33% wool, 67% nylon and comes in a 50 g, 66 yards, 60 meter skein. The color # 4167, lot # 2541. Gauge 12 stitches X 14 rows. Suggested needle size is US 10 1/2. I used 1 skein for the hat and scarf.

The hat was knitted in the round on addi turbo needles size 8, 16 inches and finished up on double pointed needles size 8. I don't remember what needle size I used for the scarf. It was a blast to knit and made me feel quite silly wearing it.

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
11:32 pm
Nifty podcasts you might enjoy:

Fibercast: http://fibercast.libsyn.com/

Cast On: http://www.cast-on.com/ (Brenda has been rocking my morning walks...)
Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
4:30 pm
Quail Ridge Books & Music invites you to meet Debbie Stoller on
Tuesday, March 28 at 1:30 PM. Her latest book is STITCH 'N BITCH
CROCHET: THE HAPPY HOOKER. She will have lots of show and tell and
easy to follow instructions for this great companion craft to knitting.
Debbie will also be at Market Street Books & Maps at 6:00 PM the
same day. Market Street Books is located in Southern Village in
Chapel Hill. You may call 933-5111 for more information about their
Both events are co-sponsored by Great Yarns/Yarns Etc. They will
also be providing refreshments!
If you have any questions or would like more information please
let me know or call 828-1588 or go to our website at

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