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meiow, heatherivy and I (Fiber Fiends of Doom) went up to SAFF or as H called it Yarn Con, over the weekend. The trip up to Asheville was terrible. It would just bucket down rain, then stop, then bucket down again. As driving ability is water soluble, we passed quite a few accidents. We stopped in WS for wonderful BBQ of my childhood (TM) and a bit of a break from the rain and road. Our next adventure was finding the hotel. I naively accepted the suggestion from map-quest that the road I was looking for was actually Old Airport Road and not Airport Road. So off we went down the incorrect road. We did get a giggle from (not joking) Borgwarner. You *will* be assimilated into a digital package. Out in front of the collective there was a little tree of woe, looking all season appropriate. Fearing that the spooky music was about to start at any time, we turned around, found a well lit area and called the hotel for correct directions. It was at that point that H and I got into a giggle fit that infected C while trying to get correct directions. We were so helpful. And after a six hour trip We checked into the Hotel, settled into our room with the

SAFF is big

really BIG. Once there we hit the upper tear of shopping, then did a sort of shop by of the lower level. H and I had a class on beginning spinning that started at 1:00 and ran until 4:00. It was interesting to see another instructor's teaching method and really cool to try another wheel. The class was taught on the Lendrum spinning wheel.

It is a very simple and clean design, a great wheel for beginners. The teacher was also a reseller of said lendrum wheels and was selling them at a discount after class. H was convinced by her fellow FFDs that this was a good price and that she should purchase one. Now she is the proud owner of a spinning wheel. (the corruption is almost complete). After another round of shopping and closing down the place, we headed out for a celebratory dinner. After dinner headed back to the hotel to play with our toys. We got quite a lot of jealous stares at our toys from the other guests in the lobby.

Got up way too early, packed and checked out. H and I had a hand painted yarn class from 9:00 to 12:30. This class was fantastic! It involved yarn, water, acid dyes and radiation, the perfect prescription for a wonderful mess or, perhaps, a zombie. The yarn is soaked in water until saturated. Next you squeeze mostly dry and lay it out on plastic. Now all that is left to is to mix up the dye, paint it on the yarn and roll it up like a jelly roll. Now poke that sucker in the microwave and nuke for 8 minutes. Presto!

after one last around the shopping arena of doom, we stuffed car Noire full and headed for home

Drop spindle and merino roving (dyed english garden greens purples and blues) from Pleasant Home Woolen Co

7 skeins from brooks farm

1 pound of white merino roving

swift, ball winder and a spinning caddy

6 country classic acid dyes and a color card
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