Merrie (maegwynn) wrote in fiber_fiends,

FO Inky

meiow gave me this kit for Christmas. The beads are absolutely fantastic! They are a bright, shiny deep red and appeal to the raven in me. The yarn is called Tiny Toes and is a sock yarn. The yarn is less than stellar. It was not color fast and stained my hands like I had been reading a newspaper. So I named the scarf Inky. The scarf is worked from each end and meets in the middle. The instructions say to use three needle bind off to join the two pieces. Three needle bind off leaves a ridge. If the ridge falls on the back of your neck would drive you nuts if it rubbed against your skin. If the ridge is not in the center of the scarf, it would drive me nuts because it is not symmetrical. So I frogged the three needle bind off bit. Then I had trouble putting the stitches back on the needles because it is a very dark black. meiow came to my rescue and put the stitches back on the needles. E further came to my rescue by kitchener stitching the ends together. Once the piece was complete, I tossed it in very hot water with vinegar to set the dye. After blocking and drying it is beautiful.
Tags: knitting
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